For Creators and Publishers

Rheo is a video channel made for you.

Rheo is a continuous stream of personalized media. It plays the best videos for each user, in an interface that makes discovering videos surprising and fun.

Why Distribute on Rheo?

Aggregation – Rheo aggregates top quality content for cord-cutters. No more App clutter or silos.

Highly Engaged Viewers – Our users watch more than 25 minutes of video a day.  

Reach Cord-Cutters directly – Drive awareness of your O&O OTT apps and brands directly to OTT viewers. 

Acquire New Fans – Rheo uses patent-pending Machine Learning algorithms to serve content according to viewers tastes

Hand Curated – We maintain a high-bar of content on Rheo, ensuring your properties are never diluted.

Branded Playback 

Content partners on Rheo can take advantage of branded playback. 

Custom CTA

Link directly to your OTT App or create a custom CTA

What content works well?

Short Form - Rheo is best for short form video between 2-15mins long. Content is organized by mood instead of by channel, allowing users to spend more time viewing and less time navigating. 


Laugh - the hottest new comedy clips, including latenight, standup, and sketch comedy.

Learn - The best educational and instructional videos around. From makeup tutorials, to economics, to psychology.

Chill - A steady stream of downtempo music you can leave on all day.

Inform - catch up with the headlines of the day or go in-depth with investigative video journalism.

Spark - Festival quality animated and cinematic shorts to spark your imagination and evoke emotion.

Delivering Content to Rheo

Format - We prefer to work with your own content infrastructure as a client of your API. Our preferred video format is h.264, 720p served over HLS (SSL only) at 900kb/s.

Metadata - Chances are we can work with your metadata as-is. Typically, we look for these values (google doc) in a JSON feed.

Rheo is available for the 4th generation Apple TV. Search for "Rheo" on your Apple TV's App Store.

Where to get Rheo?



Reach out to us at 


Twitter: @rheotv